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The Company

GEOMETRON has been established for Engineering consultancy andscientific equipment trade for Civil Engineering, Topographic Surveying, Industrial/Marine and Aviation applications. It is the sister company of PHOTOMETRON, whereas the latter one, has already gained over 26 years of experience in successful distribution of technological goods,throughout Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania.

The Sales & Support

Throughout strong partnerships with major market figures, such as Hasselblad, Zeiss and Weiss-AG, we have managed to create a sales network beyond the borders of Greece, to Cyprus and throughout the Balkan peninsula. We are focused on the Markets of civil/marine/industrial precise metric solutions: hardware/software/services/umbilical, mainly forthe sub-categories of 3Dscanning/photo/aero/land surveying technologies.Customers are clustered by rental and training services, and followed by marketing activities. Their continuous support and constant training assure our solid establishment in this niche and highly demanding market.

The Services

GEOMETRON executives are specialized service providers inTopographic Surveying/Civil/Marine Engineering and Aviation solutions. Rental Services are also supported for Highly Professional equipment. Furthermore, wehave conducted within the last years a large number of topographic, 3D photogrammetric and scanning campaigns as well as civil and marine engineering studies, with the employment of ourHigh Resolution Cameras and 3D scanners, open-source & commercial engineering software, in-house codes, as well as other houses’ measuring equipment…:

Products: 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry

Athens: Leof. Alexandras 192A, 11521 GREECE,

T/F: +30 210 600 6239

e-mail: geometron.eu@gmail.com