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Photographers, whose life takes place more outdoors than in, will love it: the Move 1200 with lithium battery. A lightweight athlete! Expressed in figures, that is 1200 Joules of power from about 6 kg, and all no bigger than a camera bag. The broncolor Move is equipped with full asymmetry across two lamp connections, while at the same time having a control range of up to 9 f-stops, absolute colour stability thanks to the patented broncolor ECTC technology, and flash times down to an impressive 1/20’000 s, which satisfies any imaginable photographic application.
Equipped with the proven Lithium power system, this battery power pack promises long periods of use, very low weight, and up to 4000 recharging cycles.


– flash energy: 1200 J
– f-stop: 64 1/10 (with MobiLED)
– flash duration up to 1/20000 s (t 0.5), 1/8500 s (t 0.1)
– charging time: 0.2 – 1.9 s
– 2 outlets with flash cut-off and ECTC technology
– 2 outlets symmetrical and individually asymmetrical
– up to 9 f-stops

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