Flextight X5 for Mac / Windows, including Accessory Kit


The new generation of Hasselblad scanners, the Flextight X1 and X5, are both built around the same foundation. A vertical optical system allows the CCD to face downwards, creating a glass-free optical path between the original and the lens. The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the entire original and the flexible holder guarantees easy mounting and safe and secure handling of your originals. The components used in both Flextight scanners are basically the same, meaning that whichever solution you choose, the quality level is virtually identical. Differences between the models are more a matter of features and capabilities, especially with regards to productivity.

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The Flextight X5 is the top model in the Flextight scanner series providing the best of all worlds. Ease of use, incomparable quality, unique, batch scanning facilities all packed in a classical and characteristic design.

Freedom of choice

The freedom not to have to choose between digital or film, for instance. The freedom to use whatever capture medium works best for a particular shoot or situation. And whether you choose to shoot film because the elements are against you or for creative reasons, with the new generation of Hasselblad scanners you know that you’ll be able to get your images safely into the digital world – wherever they began – with every subtle detail embedded in your negatives and slides accurately reproduced.

The Unique 3F Workflow

When selecting the 3F file format in automatic scan mode, images are scanned at a specified resolution of 16 bits per color. In this way the full color range of the original is extracted from the scan. The 3F file is never altered but acts as a sort of “preview scan” when you open it later, enabling you to re-do all operations or change any parameter you wish. Consider it like re-scanning, but without the film original present.

Furthermore – every time you save a file from the 3F format, your action history is embedded in the 3F file, which enables you to repeat these actions whenever you like. The 3F workflow also allows you to produce final TIFF images, cropped and corrected, with a single click of a button.


Naturally, the extraordinary scanning speed of the Flextight X5 plays a key part in increasing your productivity. The benefits don’t stop there, however. Various feeding devices, for example, can be attached; the Batch Feeder for mixed originals and the Slide Feeder for scanning of mounted slides. Using these devices together with the 3F workflow produces a throughput that has to be seen to be believed.

Sharpness and resolution

Even though you can find scanners with larger sensors you will not find better clarity and detail rendition when scanning photographic film. That is due to the electronic handling of the sensor, the mechanical precision as well as the quality of filters and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens. The Flextight scanners are not only a piece of art seen from the outside the entire machinery is saturated with excellent solutions.

Keeping it cool

Heat reduction solutions are another example of features not found on lower range scanners. By removing the power supply outside the scanner and using a cold cathode light tube, which produces very little infrared waves, Hasselblad scanners eliminate two common sources of heat-related noise. Our X5 scanner even has active sensor cooling, which means that an electronic cooling device is placed directly on the CCD, which increases signal to noise ratio by 1 to 2 bits.

Optical sensor
CCD (3 x 8000px)
Original type
Neg / Pos / Prints
Colour depth
16 bit
Auto frame detection
Batch scanning
Batch slide feeder compatibility
Mac / PC
Film format
100 x 280 mm
Reflective scanning
Active cooling
3F scan initiated directly on scanner
Light condensator
230 x 390 x 650mm
Max optical resolution
35mm: 8000dpi
60mm: 3200dpi
4 x 5″: 2040dpi
Max scan speed
35mm: 1.55 minutes
60mm: 1.10 minutes
4 x 5″: 1.23 minutes
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