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DC Power Grip - Photometron

DC Power Grip


The DC Power grip, compatible with all H system models, allows you to ignore the need for a reserve battery grip or having to take inhibiting power-conservation measures when working untethered.


Applications can range from working in the studio to specialised set ups on location where timed surveillance or remote controlled situations, for example, require the camera to be on standby for long periods unattended. The grip fits the camera in the conventional manner but takes its power requirements from an exterior source, connected via the supplied transformer. The outlet can be a regular domestic type, a generator or a battery/transformer configuration that matches the specifications listed below. A conventional AC plug on the transformer allows the freedom to use a standard power cord suited to the requirements of the country of use. In addition, the conventional DC plug on the grip also allows a direct connection to a suitable matching power pack (7.5 VDC / 6 A ) without the need for the transformer, for the optimum in flexibility

SPECIFICATION: Input Voltage 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz/1.3A

Output Voltage 7.5 VDC / 6 A

Dimensions (W x H x D) 50 x 30 x 135 mm (power supply)

Weight including grip 135 g

DC cable length 2 meters

DC plug type Ø 6 mm, centre pin 1,9 mm

AC plug type IEC 60320 C7

Compatibility All H system cameras

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